For your consideration…

Every single one of us was born with the tools for “attraction.” It is up to us to learn to use them. Then it is up to us to use them often…constantly.

Egos have created an atmosphere of guilt and shame around abundance. Through news, media, personal relationships etc. we are led to believe that people who have are taking away from people who have not. This is simply not true. The Universe was created with enough abundance for all. It is up to each and every one of us to pursue it, open up for it and gratefully accept it. HOPEfully we will be generous with our abundance thus attracting more. HOPEfully we are teaching…encouraging…others to attract abundance to themselves and then share as well.

It is wrong thinking…dangerous thinking…to lead people to believe that the only way they can succeed is through you or others. Charity is a gift for both the giver and receiver. But it is important that both the giver and receiver know that it is a gift up until they can step into their own power to attract.

That is the HOPE. And so it is.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE anyone can take…

-Affirm…“I am loved.”

-Meditate/pray…ask…”What is my next step for my highest good and the highest good of all?”

-Drink lots of water.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths.

-Take a good look at our attitude of abundance.

What made me smile yesterday…

-Good day with first graders.


-So happy for Alex and James that he is back home.

-A good book.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Chris


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