For your consideration….

Most of us would like to think we are generous. And HOPEfully we are. Once again our message is specific. It drills down to the nitty gritty of sharing.

Lets be honest. It is easy to share with people we love. We want to do it. We can’t wait to do it. It is easy to share things we don’t like or no longer need. It is a win win to part with them. This is all good.

But today’s message reminds us that the true test of sharing is when we share things we share with people we are not very fond of. The true test of sharing is sharing things that we truly love and are not anxious to part with. It is in these situations that we have to consciously engage our soul. It is in these situations that we have to remind ourselves of who we really are at our soul level and what kind of person we truly want to be.

That is the HOPE. And so it is.


Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take…

-Affirm…“I am loved.”

-Meditate/pray…ask…”What is my next step for my highest good and the highest good of all?”

-Drink lots of water.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths.

-Share and share alike.


What made me smile yesterday…

-Alex put of Christmas decorations.

-We went to AJ’s lacrosse game. They are always exciting to watch….not so much the huge welt AJ has on his side from getting hit with the ball.

-I ran into an old teacher friend at the pet store. She got a new puppy that is so cute.

-My blog is back up and running.

-Alex went for a run. Moose wanted to go and made it very clear. He kept coming and looking at me as if to say, “I know you know what I want. Why aren’t you letting me out?”


Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Chris




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