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I think this message is meant to be a continuation of yesterday. Today we are reminded that there is a lot of us to share and we shouldn’t waste all that we are.

We have hearts, minds, hands, feet, ears, eyes and mouths all of which we can share, all of which are doing something right now. Are they working in the positive? Are they working in the negative? Are they idle?

We have been called into action. We have been asked to stand up and be all we can be, one step, one deed at a time. Everything we say and do has energy attached that we set forth into the world.

Does this mean we should be working on some major plan to save the planet, solve world hunger or create world peace? That would be nice. But the solution to all of those things are the collective of what each of us do each day, one step at a time.

That smile and those kind words matter. Helping someone out, even if it is just holding a door, matters. Taking those few or many extra steps to help someone matter. Sharing the love in your heart matters. Helping someone find a solution to a problem matters. Listening matters.

If at the end of each day, you can say you put the best you out at every encounter, you have done all that is being asked of you. If you recognize something you would have changed, be grateful that you could see that and be ready for the next opportunity. We are simply noticing, not judging.

You matter. The sharing of you matters. The HOPE is you know that.


Bit by bit, piece by piece, hope by hope action steps anyone can do….

-Meditate for as long as you can. Remember no judgement.

-Celebrate you. Toast you.

-Go for a walk. If you go shopping park farther out, take some deep breaths as you walk in.

-Notice how nature feels on your skin. It is a gift for you.

-Smile and laugh


Things that made me smile yesterday….

-Ok I have to share the Ashley story. Ashley is my friend’s granddaughter. The entire family loves to swim except Ashley’s Papa. Forever, each time Ashley asks Papa to swim he tells her “My mother won’t let me.” Well Ashley is a little older now and visiting her great grandmother she asked her why she won’t let Papa swim. Yuppers, you got it. The next time Ashley came to Papa’s, she came running in, “Papa, Papa, your mother says you can swim.” Papa swam.

-Dude and I went to his favorite park. He always initially forgets and just starts trotting off ahead of me. But I love the moment when he remembers, stops and comes back to thank me and let me know how happy he is.

-There were a lot of people in the park. Many were families and many were fishing. There was a man there with his 4 children. He had got his line tangled in a tree when one of them distracted him when he was casting. I stopped and held his pole while he pulled down the branches and untangled his line. That is why I picked the above picture today. It was perfect. Later when we were walking back out of the park through the woods, they were ahead of us. Clearly he was ready to go and was really moving out. But each of the 4 kids kept finding wonders in the woods, shouting to each other come see this. Their wonder made me smile as did their Dad’s frustration.

-Alex’s Facebook.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,





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