For your consideration……

It seems like we strive for balance in our lives. I know I do. So this is an odd message for me. We are being told that if everything were perfectly balanced, there would be no growth. We would not feel the need to evolve because we would be perfectly content.

Imbalance is a way of getting our attention to make a course correction or to try something new. But before we get too wound up because that sounds like constant chaos, we are also being told that everything is in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

I feel like some of you are saying, hmmmm I don’t feel imbalanced. What am I working on? As is said here everyday in some way, shape or form we learn about ourselves through prayer and meditation. But we also learn about ourselves through our reactions to situations and other people.

Remember, those thoughts and reactions we have are reflections. We have them because we recognize them. They resonate with something within our own makeup. The anger, joy, selfishness, unselfishness, trust, distrust, like, dislike etc. They are a reflection back to us. Does that mean that if you distrust someone that you can not be trusted. Maybe or maybe not. It could be an indicator that you are too trusting and you need to be more discerning or take a step back in some area of your life. If you recognize selfishness, maybe there is an area in your life where you are selfish or maybe you are too giving and need to be more selfish. See what I mean? We get these reflections, sometimes big but mostly little, as something that needs to be addressed and balanced out. We need not stress about it. We get them when we need them. And if we don’t get it the first few times around, that is OK too. Because, for sure, we will keep getting these indicators until we do. It’s all in due time….. Divine Timing and Divine Order. That is the HOPE.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take…..

-Meditate…..pray… is the best way to open your communication channels with your Guidance. I was given a neat trick for those of us who have that mind that just keeps jumping out of focus and on to something else. When we notice it, simply visualize putting it on a cloud or in a bubble. Thank it for showing up and release it for healing or safekeeping until a later time. Then just take a deep breath and on the exhale blow it away.

-Get outdoors and take in at least ten deep breaths. Remember as we do this everyday and also when we breathe in meditation, we are setting up a pattern. And when we get in a tough situation or feel stressed somewhere throughout our day, if we remember to breathe we will find that we can more easily get back to a place of calm.

-Drink lots of water. It not only cleanses our body it helps clear our mind.

-Journal. Are we remembering to be grateful sometime during each day? If we are not writing it down, then HOPEfully we are least saying it. Notice those reactions you have today. Put them on a “T” chart. On the left side put the reaction. On the right side write reasons why you think that reaction was triggered. What might you need to take a look at and address in your life?

What made me smile yesterday……

-Seriously, what didn’t? It was my birthday and I spent it here in my peaceful, beautiful    little cottage……Stillwater.
-Lots of great text and phone messages.
-I finished a good book.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,


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