For your consideration….

We can not have it both ways. If we believe in God, whoever our God is, then we have to believe that he has our best interests at heart. He does not make mistakes.

Let me repeat that, He does not make mistakes.

When we feel doubt or fear, we can go back to our the rock of our foundation….God. We can replace doubt and fear with trust and HOPE. We can live in faith.

That is the HOPE. And so it is.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take….

-Meditate/pray…ask…”What is my next step for my highest good of all?”

-Drink lots of water.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths.

-Let go…Let God.

What made me smile yesterday….

-Sleeping in.

-A chill day.

-Getting everything done that I absolutely had to.

-The new bed is in.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Chris


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