by Josephine Wall

For your consideration….

We often talk about the masculine and feminine dynamics of the energy in the Universe We often forget that each of us also carry masculine and feminine energy.

We are reminded today that when the masculine and feminine energy is unbalanced in the Universe, each of us live in a state of unbalance.

Most often we hear about the subjection of women. Clearly that is the greatest imbalance. But men can also be victims.

Subjection of either women or men involves usurping their power. It involves making them seem less than they are. Control…any control…by a spouse, government, ideology etc. demands that they take control of power that does not belong to them. It involves stealing love and breaking the bonds of loving relationships.

For example…children are born loving their mothers. To break that bond a male child must be taught that women are not worthy, are less than and unequal to them.

Thus the Universe remains unbalanced and will remain unbalanced until the feminine energy of women is allowed to be equal in partnership with the masculine energy.

If we want peace and harmony in the world, this balance must be struck. But there are those whose ego’s thirst for power and control work against this balance. They can not see the win for themselves and the Universe when the balance of energies is aligned.

For those of us who wish and HOPE for a balanced and loving Universe, we must work to achieve balance in our own lives and encourage others to do the same. We do have the power to do that.

That is the HOPE. And so it is.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take….

-Meditate/pray…ask…”What is my next step for my highest good and the highest good of all?”

-Drink lots of water.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths.

-Work for the balance of energies within.

What made me smile yesterday….

-A lazy morning.

-Catching up with my Sis and Alex.

-Shopping done.

-Christmas cards almost done.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Chris


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