For your consideration….

Happy Easter. I wish you many blessings and much joy.

The present and forever was changed when the rock was moved away and the tomb found empty. The insurmountable was made surmountable. The impossible made possible. HOPE was born and took flight. And our faith was sealed with the promise of unwavering love….always.

We are reminded that nothing is too big for us. No rock is too heavy when we have HOPE and faith. That is the joy of the promise. We are never alone.

That is the HOPE. And so it is.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take…..

-Meditate/pray..ask…”What is my next step for my highest good and the highest good of all?”

-Drink lots of water.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths.


What made me smile yesterday….

-A great morning.

-An easy shopping trip.

-A beautiful day outdoors at AJ’s soccer games.

-Dinner at Claddaughs.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

Rev. Chris


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