Positano, Italy


For your consideration…….

Today I was given an exact message. It is simply this, “No judgement, because all is necessary.”

Life is a journey. We learn as we go. We learn from all that we do right and all that we do wrong. We learn from everything and everyone that crosses our path.

We know what is working. It feels like we are going with the flow. And when we are out of sync, we just know something needs to change. We do life course corrections.

This is true in all things big and little. Whether it is you are almost done with a recipe and  you find you are missing an ingredient or whether you lose your job and need to get another one. How we handle whatever the situation is a lesson whether we know it or not. Maybe it is a big one. Maybe it is a small one. It doesn’t matter. All lessons are necessary. Can a motor function without the screws, nuts and bolts? No, they are necessary.

And so there is no judgement in all things big and little. Eileen Caddy says in The Dawn of Change, “You are never asked to do more than you are able without being given the strength and ability to do it.” I would add that you are never asked to do it alone. Each of us has God, Angels and Guides available to us 24/7. We need only ask and listen. As I keep saying, it in our own silence we most often get our answers.

So are you wondering yet about the picture? Sometimes it takes me awhile to find a picture that I think most represents the message. But Positano, Italy was in my dreams last night and it reminds me not to judge.

Positano is one of my favorite places on earth. It was recommended to me. But I have to say I asked no questions and went there quite naive. Positano is beautiful, way more beautiful than the above picture. But I choose this one to illustrate my point. As you can see, Positano is built down the side of the mountain. What was never explained to me is the following:

1. The highway to Positano is very narrow and winding. People use their horns to let the other vehicles know they are coming around the mountain because there is not always room for both vehicles to pass. Often there are no guardrails and the drop-off is monumental.

2. The highway is at the top of the town. That is where the bus drops you off. Now there is a smaller city bus that takes you a bit farther down the mountain but not very far.

3. Yup, you got it. There are no cars down the rest of the mountain. You bike or walk. This gives all new meaning to why you should pack light. The steps Alex and I climbed in that week was in the thousands.

If I had known all of that, I probably would not have gone there. And I would have missed out on one of the highlights of my life.

My friend, Jackie, and I laugh about this. She called when I was there. “Hey, we’re thinking of going to Positano on our way back to the States. Is it great?” “Fabulous”, I answered. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Nothing.” I answered. “Should we come there?” she asked more doubtful. “Absolutely” I answered. They did and it is also one of their favorite places. It is quite simply a place that can not be explained. It must be experienced.

So that is why I picked the picture. The HOPE is  we let go of judgement of all people, places and things including self. Judgement impedes our journey. And that is just something we don’t want to miss.


Bit by bit, piece by piece, hope by hope action steps anyone can take…..


-Journal or silently remember all that is right with your journey. What are  you grateful for?

-Daydream (not during meditation). Just let your mind go.

-Create or start to gather things for a vision board.

-Laugh at yourself. When we laugh at ourselves, we tend to let go of that pesky self-judgement.


What made me smile yesterday……

-Yup, I did it again. I stayed in my PJ’s all day.

-Tried a great new recipe and we loved it. Thank you, Shannon.

-Bruce, the lights came on and he did the math. If he buys me one of those new Magnum ice cream bars each day at the party store, it will cost him $75 a month. We’ll see if I’m still smiling today when he get back from the store.


Love, Blessings and Gratitude,




29 Responses to No Judgement

  1. Alex Lee says:

    I wish this blog had a like button. LIKE!

  2. And dear chris I am smiling at the…shall I use the word synchronicity of your blog, for you see, I have just manifested the financial prosperity for a trip to Italy. For three months now my heart has longed for Italy, a country I first toured with my artist aunt when I was 8 years old, then went back later on as a teenager on vacation with my mother, then finally lived in for a year as a young bride of 22! And it was but a week ago that the longing became so strong I knew I MUST GO there and it has to do with retrieving energies related to all art. So I claimed I was going to manifest a trip to Italy.
    And here is an extremely summerized version of the amazing set of events that led to my manifestation a few days ago. It all began 2 months ago, with the theft of two very valuable crystals I had on consignment. A police rpeort was filed by the owner of the gallery but surprisingly I found no space in my heart that laid blame on this person, all I found was a vastness and its midst, a very quiet love that just IS. At this discovery, I shed tears of joy and all I could feel toward this person was an overwhelming gratitude at the gift hidden behind the seeming bad action.
    My non judgment of this person opened the door that led to the miraculous event of a few days ago when the money for my trip was manifested.
    And ever since last week, when I claimed my birthright to prosperity, Italy has been coming at me left and right, on TV, through friends, and now your picture of the Amalfi Coast and if I needed confirmation that the two were tied, the title of your blog, No judgment, and the chosen picture gave it to me, and again I am reminded that behind every loss is a gift greater than the loss itself…….Lovely ,isn’t it?
    Thank you!

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