For your consideration…..

We have had messages around trust before so either this message is different or we need to hear it again.

We are built with an inner-knowing and connection to our Creator. We were also built with an ego. We have constant access to both. Both are always trying to get our attention.

Often we have allowed life to constantly feed our egos and let it become stronger and louder disproportionately to our inner knowing…..our spiritual self….our authentic self. Most of the time we are not even aware of it.

So our message calls our attention to it today. Think of the times where you just knew something was not right but you talked yourself out of believing it. Think of the times you have “bitten your tongue.” Think of the times you have second guessed yourself. Think of the times you have looked around and thought, “Am I the only one who thinks this is strange or wrong?”

Why do we second guess ourselves? Why do we let our egos talk us out of what our “gut or heart” says is true?

Sometimes because it is easier. Sometimes it is because we don’t want to create conflict. Sometimes it is because lack confidence. Sometimes we are on autopilot and have just programmed out inner knowing to be our backup plan. The bottom line is we don’t “trust” our inner knowing like we trust our ego. And that is why we are getting this message today.

Our inner knowing is directly connected to our authentic self and our Guidance. It never has ulterior motives. It always comes from a kind and loving place. It is always working for our best interest and highest outcome. Indeed, that is how we can tell when our ego is doing the talking and when our inner knowing is.

When we get that “gut feeling”, “nagging doubt”, “something smells”, “somethings off”, somethings “not quite right”, I “don’t believe it”, “I should go back over that”, “I don’t trust” etc. thoughts and feelings, pay attention. Let them take first chair and push that ego to second chair.

That is what we are being asked to do today. That is the HOPE. And so it is.

Most people don’t know

how brave they really are.

In fact, many potential heroes,

both men and women,

live out their lives in self-doubt.

If they only knew they had

these deep resources,

it would help give them the self-reliance

to meet most problems,

even a big crisis.

R. E. Chambers

Bit by bit, piece by piece, HOPE by HOPE action steps anyone can take…..

-Meditate. The silence of consistent mediation opens us up so we may more easily hear our Guidance and know our authentic self.

-Get outdoors and take in at least 10 deep breaths. The practice of deep breathing sharpens our reset button. We are more likely to automatically turn to it as need arises.

-Drink lots of water. Water nourishes us and keeps the flow of our body moving.

-Take note today of how many times your intuition kicks in. How many times does it tell you something is not quite as it is being portrayed? How many times do you second guess yourself? How many times do you bite your tongue?


What made me smile yesterday….

-Gas is a little cheaper.

-No lines in Kroger.

-My friend, Sandy, brought me a new charm to remember her by. I love it but it is unnecessary because I could never forget her.

-A relaxing afternoon with family and friends at my God-Daughter, Kerri’s, home.

-A really productive evening at Yvonne’s getting Daina’s invitations started. We were like a well-oiled machine. She was at one end of the table and I the other and the amount of work we got done was amazing.

-PJ’s and a chat with friend, Jody. Ahhhh. All is well.


Love, Blessings and Gratitude,




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